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Hello and welcome!

Writer Teresa O’Driscoll aims to inform, inspire and encourage. For day-to-day thoughts please see Dear Diary or or visit her Blog

Teresa was born in Cardiff, capital of Wales. She loves being Welsh! Also, her surname reveals paternal Irish roots (ancestors moved to Wales over 150 years ago), while her mother is Scottish. She feels that this all-round Celtic heritage both enlivens her work and adds its own mystical touch.


She has been an avid reader from a small child, when her library ticket was well-used! At school, aged seven, her class began a daily diary. It was love at first write! She immediately started penning a novel. But, petered out after a few chapters… She realized she needed to live more to write more. Soon, though, she made her first foray into journalism: the South Wales Echo published her letter highlighting a dearth of local play parks.

Encouraged, she persisted!

If it wasn’t a play she was writing, it was a poem or a song or a short story. But it was much later that she finally completed her first novel and then another. Eventually, she knew the time had come to focus on her writing. She took a career break from her job as an IT trainer with the Civil Service.

She never looked back!

Within weeks she was holidaying on the Greek island of Corfu and ended up spending the whole summer there. In the autumn she ventured over to Athens, a place she fell in love with, and found it the perfect place to write! She became a Grecophile.

As a manager for MCM television, she worked with the stars of Greek popular music. She soon started interviewing these for Athenscope, a city scene magazine. When the magazine invited her to become their contributing editor she jumped at the chance.

She had a baptism of fire producing 12+ articles weekly - including reviews of art exhibitions, films, books, restaurants and bars, plus travel features and profiles. Over a period of two years she clocked up a whopping four figure portfolio of articles. 

Then, she took a break from the slog (ha, ha) by freelancing for just about every publication in English in the city (and some Greek ones) including The Athenian, Hellenic Star, Odyssey and Insider, and became a columnist in the Athens News.

Through her columns, The Feel Good Factor and Body Works, she explored her interest in beauty, health and fitness. She examined a wide variety of alternative therapies, remedies and disciplines, as well as trends in the beauty industry. 

She also worked as Rewriter for Next Fashion, the award-winning international fashion magazine produced in Athens, turning the in-depth but Greek-lish and French-lish catwalk news and features into smoothly flowing English.

To read a selection of the above pieces please see: Articles


Alongside journalism Teresa has a special interest in self-development that includes spirituality, which led to her first book being published. The inspirational non-fiction work, 9 Days to Heaven, is a simple short course in spiritual development based on personal experience. People find the book especially useful during difficult times.

Book trailer

Current Projects

In 2011 Teresa returned to her native Wales where she has been keeping a low profile while writing every spare minute.

- Teresa is very excited to tell you that she has just finished a novel. The story is set in 1992 Corfu, in a fictitious budding resort where some locals grab the chance to make a living from the new tourist invasion while others fear it. Readers of 9 Days to Heaven will not be surprised by the novel’s thought-provoking scenario and metaphysical elements.

At this stage Teresa admits to being deliberately sketchy about the novel’s content but looks forward to its official unveiling. Watch this space for more info!

- She is also working on a non-fiction work, Be the Best You Can Be! Mind-body-soul, based on her eponymous self-development workshops presented in Athens. 

Teresa at a glance


Pet likes:

  • smiling people
  • cats
  • sunshine
  • hot buttered toast and English Breakfast tea
  • poppies in cornfields


Pet Dislikes:

  • bad manners
  • cruelty in any form
  • tomato soup