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9 Days to Heaven, illustration for Day Three
Setting up a meeting with God
Crowd (painting)
Tranquility by Toni Ndikanwu


Take a New View

It is not the facts it is the way we look at them that shapes our reaction. Do not like something about your life? Change it!


Take a good long look at yourself and acknowledge your personal contribution to any problem.

Do this, not to make yourself feel bad or in the wrong. But rather, to empower yourself. Because, when you accept personal responsibility you can make life-improving changes.

Though you cannot change, say, another person, you can choose to change yourself.  You do have choices.

And if you decide not to change anything?

Well, even deciding just put up with something is actually a choice. Acknowledging that choice can give you a confidence boost!  And then you will be looking at the facts in a new light.


Friday 7th July 17

Hello dear friend,

I hope you are well and enjoying some sunshine! Just think, we have passed the summer solstice and the days are now getting shorter. Gosh! But, thankfully, most of the summer is still ahead so let’s make the most of it, eh. 

As some of you may know already I have been spending the last few months visiting churches promoting my book 9 Days to Heaven, How to make everlasting meaning of your life. I am happy to report that I and the book have been made most welcome. Many thanks to all my new readers for your kind feedback.  

I have a number of new dates lined up and will post details of these soon. 

I also fitted in a visit to London, for a long overdue catch-up with friends. And a trip to Corfu – also to stay with friends. I always have a wonderful time on that green and beautiful island. And the weather – apart from a dramatic thunderstorm – was hot and sunny so I got in lots of swimming and walking and enjoyed delicious food al fresco at tavernas. Did you catch the new series of #The Durrells? When I was there the buzz from the visiting cast and crew was still reverberating.  And the talk was of how locals were invited to be in the episodes and what fun they’d had being part of it all.

But now, it is back to work with lots of writing, but that is great too. I hope that you are enjoying your life – whatever you are doing and I wish you a fabulous weekend!

Love and blessings


PS To see my book trailer for 9 Days to Heaven, the practical guide to joyful  living, please  follow this link: #http://youtu.be/154luv8KMns

PPS I have begun to blog again! Please follow these links to see two new posts.

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