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9 Days to Heaven, illustration for Day Three
Setting up a meeting with God
Crowd (painting)
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Get the Most From a Nature Walk!

Hear the birdsong, the ocean thundering, the stream gurgling - not the stream of music flooding your ears, or even the chatter of a friend  on your mobile drowning out these soothing natural sounds.

Then feast your eyes on the source of the communication, and, breathing deeply, relax fully into the moment. 

I predict that even a short walk taken this way will leave you refreshed. 

Tuesday 8th January 2019 

Hello dear friend,

I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

I wonder if you have made any new year's resolutions? Mine include trying to eliminate as much plastic as possible in my food shopping. The first item I plan to change is milk in plastic bottles. I have tracked down a milkman who delivers. He also stocks yoghurt in glass jars - so that's another product I regularly eat which I can now buy in glass. Happily both the milk and yoghurt are also organic so healthier and kinder for the cows.

When I have tried this delivery out I will let you know if I can recommend the company involved.

I have made this decision because, as you - all of us?! - know: plastic has carcinogenic properties. And now that, in the UK, the number of people getting cancer is said to be 1 in 2 - and that includes some of my closest friends - I feel that urgent preventative action needs to be taken.

I wonder what new year resolutions you have made. I would love you to let me know. To do this simply click on the Contact me button.

Love and blessings